Deck Design


    Whether your plan to build a new deck for your home or business, it’s important to start with a sound, solid design completed by a professional. We, at Dallas Deck Craft, offer the design services needed to ensure that not only will your deck be built correctly but that it will service your needs perfectly.

    Residential Decks

    We have over 35 years of experience working with homeowners in Dallas, Collin, and Rockwall counties. Through the years, we have develop considerable expertise in deck design. We love combining this expert knowledge with your imagination and creating a beautiful piece of quality craftsmanship for your backyard.

    At Dallas Deck Craft, we believe the design process should be one of letting your imagination take over. It should be fun. It should create a sense of “This could be!”

    To help fuel your imagination, we’ve outline some of the key considerations in designing a deck to help guide you.

    How Will You Use Your New Deck?

    Take a moment and imagine your new deck. Will it be used as a space for family time? Will it be used to entertain friends with a dinner party? Will it be connected to an outdoor kitchen? Or, perhaps you’re more of the type who would prefer to lounge poolside while catching some rays.

    What will you use with your deck? You could use a hot tub, a jacuzzi, or a fire pit. You can have outdoor speakers integrated to pipe in your favorite tunes, or perhaps you’d like to have some beautiful accent lighting. The only limit is your imagination, and we say let it run wild.

    When you’ve returned from cloud nine, it’s important to remember that the intended use of your new deck is a key consideration in its design. Having a clear idea of what you want to use it for will help both you and us immensely in the design process.

    Which Deck Materials Will You Use?

    One of the essential considerations is selecting the deck material, whether wood or composites. This will be influenced by your budget, the desired appearance, and the requirements for ongoing maintenance. And don’t forget about that Texas summer sun and heat.

    Wood offers a beautiful natural look. Because of the variety it offers solutions that fit most budgets, but it can also require a modest amount of maintenance. You will need to seal and stain a wood deck to provide weather-proofing and longevity, unless you’re looking for that distressed, weathered look.

    Composite materials are much easier to care for by contrast. Because of developments in technology, they also come with a wide range of colors without the need for staining. Yet, they still have not achieved the natural an appearance as wood.

    To get some ideas, take a look at some examples in our gallery and let your imagination take over.

    Commercial Decks

    A commercial deck is a slightly different beast from a residential deck. The purpose will differ, but essentially it will complement the existing business and provide additional income opportunities. For example, a lakeside restaurant uses an open-air deck with a beautiful lake-view to provide premium table space and attract more diners. A high-end hotel organizes lounging space around their pool for their guests to enjoy during their stay. Why not make both a masterpiece?

    The basic principles of material and intended use apply to the design process.

    Choosing Deck Materials for Commercial Decks

    There will sometimes be less choice in material selection compared to residential decks. There may be local building codes dictating the type of material to be used. Loss of revenue while the deck is closed during maintenance may dictate use of low maintenance materials. A corporate user might have corporate branding standards that dictate the use of a particular type of material and its design.

    Consider How Your Business Will Use the Deck

    Deck design is likely a team effort. Certainly the deck contractor should be involved from the beginning, but the team may involve architects, structural engineers and other specialists depending on the type and size of the project. Again, if corporate branding is involved constraints may also be placed on the design. The value that the a professional deck contractor brings is in his knowledge of local conditions and statutory requirements coupled with his specific experience in deck design.

    If you are looking for either residential or commercial deck services contact us. We would love to consult with you about your needs and the ways we can help you.