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Featured Decks

Featured Decks

We highlight several featured decks that will surely delight your senses. See what possibilities are available with these deeper looks into individual projects.

Decks by Material

Decks by Material

Choosing the right deck material is essential to getting the most enjoyment from your deck. Browse our gallery broken down by the types of material used in the project.

Decks by Use

Decks by Use

People rarely install our exquisite decks to simply look at them, so we have organized our galleries into some of the most common uses of residential and commercial decks.

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Have you been looking for the right deck company to help you transform your backyard into a real living space?

Looking for a Dallas deck builder with years of experience, true professionalism, and a drive to ensure that you get exactly what you want?

It would be our great pleasure to offer these fundamentals to you and more.

The mission at Dallas Deck Craft is to help you and your family enjoy the serenity that comes with expanding your living space as well as the other countless benefits that only a backyard deck can offer. We do this by genuinely caring about your needs and giving you our full attention. Our job only begins once we’ve fully discussed your budget, ideas, questions and concerns. Why do we place so much importance on attention to detail? Well, it’s just good business.

Our motto is: “We not only want to be your choice in a deck contractor; we want to be your neighbor’s choice as well.” It holds true with every project we do.

We know that if you’re pleased with the high quality deck we’ve built for you in record time, that your neighbor will see it and want to enjoy their backyard in the best way possible also.

Fundamentals of service, excellence in performance, and a strong sense of community—that’s what we’re all about.

We only use hand selected materials to make your backyard dream become a reality. After this point, construction can begin, and our polite, professional deck builders will work tirelessly to ensure that your outdoor deck gets installed quickly and with a minimal degree of intrusion into your daily routine.

Of course, we always follow the strictest safety requirements to the letter without cutting any corners.

We really enjoy seeing the excitement build as we start to build. That’s why we’re here to help make that outdoor living space become a reality, as efficiently and affordably as possible.

So what do you have in mind?

Maybe you’re picturing:

  • A beautiful, long-lasting deck made out of ipe wood. This gorgeous tropical hardwood comes from Brazil and having made a name for itself stateside as a result of its “extreme functionality.” Ipe lasts a very long time. This is why it has gained a reputation called ironwood.
  • An elegant patio deck perfect for hosting outdoor dinner parties during the warm months, or just a nice place to relax and watch the sun come up with your morning cup of coffee.
  • A strong pressure-treated deck installed by true professionals with about as much experience as you could ask for. Heck, we’ve been creating outdoor living spaces long before pressure-treated decks were even invented, so we’ve had experience with this style of deck from the very beginning!
  • Or perhaps one of the other high quality materials we work with on a daily basis, which you’re welcome to review here.

Adding an outdoor deck won’t just increase your home’s functionality—it increases the value of your home. We understand that this can be of great benefit to you, so we work hard to make sure you want to stay on our long list of happy customers.

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