Deck Repair


A deck installation requires maintenance, whatever it is made of be it wood or composites. It is subject to both visible and hard to see wear and tear. Dependent on the local climate, the deck material may rot or suffer water damage, insect attack or just simply discolor from sunlight. While some damage may be purely cosmetic, some may potentially cause injury to users.

Do you need maintenance on your deck? Let’s explore some common reasons for needing deck repair.

Wobbly Decks

Over time, a deck will move slightly as the main support members settle in the ground or simply grow old and weaken. If the settling is minimal this may not amount to much, but uneven or excessive settling can give rise to strains between the main structural support members. In time these strains may cause the deck to fail completely and collapse. Evidence of settling can include an uneven deck, a slanted deck or a wobbly deck.

When Insects Attack

In some cases, wood that is untreated or improperly treated can be attacked by insects and beetles. These might include wood borer, woodworm or ants and termites. Affected items need to be replaced and if it is insect damage, the insect infestation treated.

Weather's Impact

Decks are obviously hit hard by the damaging effects of weather. Common problems include scuffing, discoloration and rotting caused by foot and wind-blown sand and soil, mosses, and other infestations which rip up the surface of the wood. After some time, the planks begin to rot and splinters form. This is the start of a vicious circle since splintering provides a rougher surface even more difficult to clean properly. And your deck becomes very inviting to unwanted dirt and plants. The net result is a damp and dingy deck.

Water damage is also another common weather related problem. If the feet of the support members are in water regularly or for some time, or puddles are forming on the deck, then the wood is likely to rot and fail. Repair or replacement is needed.

Discoloration is impacts decks as well. Over time, the effects of weather on your deck can cause fading of the deck surfaces. You may need to re-stain and reseal the entire deck to ensure uniformity.

Dallas Deck Craft is an expert in deck repair. We will be able to assist with your any deck repairs you might need. If you have deck problems, request a quote today!

deck maintenance

Deck Repairs


Deck Repair Reminder – Don’t Let This Happen to You!

“I didn’t know I needed deck repair that badly!” Well, you sure as heck know it now. Because you just dropped $100 worth of steak when your foot went crashing through your deck. You have barbecue sauce all over your new shirt, and your spouse is about to pass out from laughing at you. It is bad enough that your dogs are scarfing down the food intended for your friends, but what’s worse is, they are going to be here any minute!

At the end of a long, stressful week, you were just looking forward to some relaxing and well-deserved fun with your friends and family on your deck. So you invited a bunch of friends over, and told them you would be supplying the food.

You have so many fond memories of incredible times spent on your deck. And you were all set to create some more memorable events. And to make it worse, your spouse has been nagging you about checking to see if you needed any deck repairs.

Are there any damaged or loose deck boards that need replacing? Don’t you think it needs to be refinished? Why don’t you call a professional deck builder and get an estimate on any deck repairs that are needed? Nag, nag, nag. Well, you have to admit they were right, and you should have listened.

You wanted to be the envy of your friends and family, and instead you ended up a red-faced laughing-stock. And you want to know the worst part? All this could have been avoided.

Get a Deck Repair Specialist to Give you an Estimate

No matter the time of year, it is always the right time to implement some safe and smart deck repairs. The cost of building or repairing a deck is almost 100% replaced by the improvement in home resale value. And while many deck repairs can be taken on by the DIY weekend warrior, do you really have the time? Wouldn’t you rather be lounging on your deck than working on it?

You would probably be surprised at how quickly and inexpensively deck repairs can be implemented by a seasoned deck building pro. And in the Dallas Metro area, over 4 inches more rain falls each year than in the rest of the great state of Texas. That means you really need to stay on top of wooden deck repairs, whether you handle them yourself or get a professional deck contractor involved.

And if you’re worried about deck repair costs, you shouldn’t be. When you get a pro involved with decades of experience working on above ground pool decks, screened porch decks and decks constructed from all types of materials, your beautiful deck lasts longer, and you end up spending less money in the long run.

Besides, what if one of your friends would have had the accident you just did? Aside from feeling horribly, you could wind up with bad feelings and a tarnished friendship. And heck, while you are toiling away at your job, a deck repair professional can be returning your outdoor entertainment center to its former glory.

Whether you are in Dallas, Rockwall or Collin counties or anywhere else in the Dallas Metro area, give us a call. We are proud deck owners just like you, and we want your deck to be safe and beautiful. We would be honored to give you a deck repair cost estimate, and we know that you will be pleasantly surprised with what you hear.