Deck Backyard Redwood

Redwood Decking: A Beautiful Decking Material


The redwood tree is one of the longest living trees. How long can redwood trees live? There are trees living right now that got their start 2,000 years ago. Of course, these are not the trees which are farmed to make beautiful redwood decking material. We mention how long these trees can live for a simple reason: this speaks to the durability of this beautiful, natural wood.

Redwood Decking A Beautiful Option

The beauty of this wood can’t be overstated. Redwood has found its way into many homes and backyard decks because of its rich, deep red tones and colors. It is also used to make furniture and siding. As a decking material it is at home in Dallas and is a popular choice with many homeowners.

Let’s take a closer look.

Pests and Moisture Hate Redwood

Did you know that the redwood tree naturally produces compounds that keep pests away? The smell and taste of the pest-hating chemicals means these trees are highly resistant to insect damage. As a matter of fact, the redwood is one of the most bug-resistant of all the softwoods.
You also benefit from a natural resistance to moisture and decay. This makes this decking material a great choice for Dallas and the surrounding area. Bugs and moisture simply don’t have the negative effect on redwood that they do on some other natural woods.

Redwood Looks Natural and Beautiful

For its classic, real-wood beauty, redwood can’t be beat. The grain is straight and long due to the fact that these trees can grow so massive in size. For a lot of homeowners looking for a consistent appearance, the grain of redwood is much more attractive than cedar, pressure-treated pine and other woods for that reason.

And by the way, this is real wood, not a wood/plastic composite mix. It smells like nature and looks and feels like wood. Its vibrant red colors are often dark and deep, but there are lighter shades and tones as well. You would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful, natural wood.

Redwood Naturally Takes to Stain

You can use a clear sealant on redwood to capture its natural beauty. You can also choose to accent the rich, ruddy tones of this wood with stain.

Redwood Decking Durability is Excellent

Redwood is basically weather-resistant. It has a natural ability to not only deter pests like bugs and termites which we mentioned earlier, but it also interacts with water better than most other types of wood.

Redwood can hold water for long periods of time without shrinking, warping or bowing. If you have lived in the Dallas area for any amount of time, you know this is important. Even in the wet, humid Texas summers, redwood decks can last 15 years or more with regular maintenance.

If you choose the more durable heartwood variety of redwood, you can fully expect 25 years of wonderful memories on your redwood deck.

Redwood Repels Heat Better than Most Other Decking Types

The structural density of redwood means it does not absorb heat like some other woods and composite decking materials. This means a better experience for your bare feet. It also means not burning the skin on your hands, legs and arms when it comes into contact with your deck seating and railing which has been sitting out in the Texas sun.

Redwood Maintenance Costs Less Over Time

You won’t spend as much time and money maintaining your redwood deck as if you build another natural wood deck. Your initial building cost will usually be greater than other natural woods and about the same as composite materials. On the plus side, the amount of time you spend on maintenance and the money that maintenance will cost is a lot less during the life of your deck than with pressure-treated lumber, cedar, and some other woods.

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