cedar decking

Cedar Decking: A Beautiful, Versatile Material


Cedar has a rich history of use in the decking industry. Cedar is a beautiful wood that’s long-lasting. It’s versatile in that it takes stains very well. You can alternately decide to put a clear seal on cedar and capture the natural beauty of this elegant wood.

For homeowners thinking about building an outdoor deck in the Dallas area, Cedar is a good fit. Humid, wet and hot are words often used to describe Dallas summers. You need to keep this in mind if you’re thinking about which decking material you are going to use. With those considerations in mind, cedar is perfectly suited for relaxing on your deck at the end of a long day.

Let’s take a look at cedar as your decking material of choice. We’ll compare it to composites and pressure-treated pine, two other popular choices.

You Can’t Beat the Rich, Red Cedar Appearance

Cedar is a very popular choice as a decking material and is also found inside many homes. Probably the #1 reason cedar shows up in a bunch of decks, pergolas and outdoor entertainment centers is because it is downright gorgeous.

It effectively puts you in touch with mother nature, because it smells, looks and feels like natural wood.

Don’t get us wrong here. Composites are a great choice if you want a deck that lasts a long time and requires minimal maintenance. However, if you want a natural look and a hardy deck, it is tough to beat the rich and beautiful red colors, tones and hues of real cedar wood.

Cedar Decking is Durable And Naturally Resists Moisture

You want durability for your Dallas deck. You can get 20 years from a cedar deck, and longer with proper maintenance. We talked about the wet and humid conditions you can experience during the summers here. Cedar just doesn’t care, because it is naturally resistant to moisture absorption, rot and decay. This means it tends to last longer and need less maintenance than pressure-treated pine and some other natural wood choices.

By the way, cedar is also naturally resistant to insect infestation. You won’t have termites, wasps and other burrowing bugs eating into your deck.

You Get Great Value for Your Money

You can’t beat pressure treated pine if you’re looking for the cheapest possible decking material. However, the amount of time, money and elbow grease you are going to spend maintaining a pressure-treated deck over time are a lot greater than if you choose cedar instead.

The money up front for building a cedar deck is going to be greater than a pressure-treated deck. But the long-term money over time can be less, and your deck will last longer with minimal maintenance. Comparing the price of a cedar deck to popular composite materials means a much more attractive initial investment.