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Screened Porch

Do You Have a Screened in Porch? Here’s Why You Should


The Story of Bob and Tim, And How a Moderately Sized Screened in Porch Beat the Biggest Deck in Texas

Tim has a screened in porch. His next-door neighbor Bob does not. But Tim is envious of Bob nonetheless. You see, Bob has the largest outdoor deck of any homeowner in Dallas, Rockwall and Collin counties. And he is always reminding him of that. Tim is by no means embarrassed about his screened in porch, but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and that’s exactly where Tim is looking right now.

But wait a minute. What was that? Bob is swinging his hands, swatting at something, and his guests are as well. Looks like a swarm of bloodthirsty bird-sized mosquitoes has descended upon Bob’s party. Half of his guests are moving indoors, and the other half are headed for their cars, shouting hurried goodbyes over their shoulders as they hurry to get out of Dodge.

Just like that, Bob has the largest uninhabited deck for miles around.

Any Sized Screened In Porch Beats a Huge Open Deck Every Time Where Bugs Are Concerned

And that is when Tim remembers exactly why he opted for a screened in porch rather than an traditional deck. With no more blood buffet next-door, Tim can see the mosquitoes headed for his screened in porch gathering. But it doesn’t matter.

Because he and his guests are safely protected from mosquitoes, wasps, ants and other pests, rain, sleet and anything else that mother nature can throw at them. There is a cool breeze blowing, and Tim’s screened in porch allows him to enjoy that cool evening air with his friends and family, without these wonderful memories being ruined by bugs or bad weather.

A Screened in Porch With a Complementary Deck, The Perfect Outdoor Living Experience Combo

Tim hears his front doorbell ringing, bringing him out of his thoughts. “Honey, look who’s here,” Tim’s wife calls out to him from inside his house.

Well, well, it’s Mister “biggest deck in the world” from next-door. “Mind if I join the party?” Bob sheepishly asks.

“Sure thing Bob, pull up a chair,” Tim offers, as he notices several swollen mosquito bites that Bob’s scratching. Bob has been over before, but it looks like he is seeing Tim’s screened in porch for the first time, as he takes it all in.

“I sure could have used one of these tonight,” Bob says, almost as if he is talking to himself.

Tim offers Bob a drink, the two neighbors sit down, and the conversation quickly turns into a detailed discussion about the company that built Tim’s screened in porch.

Tim tells Bob that he can meet the owner of the company tomorrow, since he’s coming over to give him a no obligation estimate on an above ground pool deck to complement Tim’s screened in porch.

Bob thanks his friend, and the two men then join the rest of Tim’s friends and family in what turns out to be a fun-filled and memorable late-night gathering … minus the mosquitoes.