Deck Pool Treated Above Ground Wrap Around

Hidden Benefits of Above Ground Pool Decks Built By a Pro

Turn Your Unsafe Backyard Eyesore into a Premium Outdoor Living Experience

If you have an above ground pool, you probably have at some point in time thought about above ground pool decks. You wondered what one would cost, maybe even playing around with the idea of building one yourself. But have you ever thought about the many benefits that you enjoy when you have a professional deck builder handle the job for you?

Let’s take a look.

You Save Money

Sure, you can probably build your own above ground pool deck if you have some above average carpentry skills. But what happens if you make a mistake, and someone gets injured because of it. That lawsuit could wipe you out if you don’t have homeowner’s insurance. And even if you are covered, you will never forget that you got a friend or family member hurt, maybe in a bad way.

You also save money by looking at the real cost of an outdoor decking project.

Consider what your free time is worth.

Do you really want to spend it banging nails, driving screws, sawing wood and breaking your back? And what about choosing materials? There is another area where you might waste money, since you do not have any experience with a job like this.

Above Ground Pool Decks Built by a Pro Look Really Great

A deck around your above ground pool is more than just a pool surround. It can be a spot for cookouts. A great place to work on your tan. A relaxing refuge from your busy daily life every evening. An outdoor deck you can use for something other than swimming, making it a year-round part of your life. The versatility that a professional deck builder lends to your backyard living experience means your pool goes from being an unattractive swimming hole to your family’s favorite free time destination.

Yes, We Called Your Above Ground Pool Ugly

You have to admit, above ground pools are not the most beautiful man-made creations. And after yours is a few years old, it may be showing signs of wear like rust, peeling and other downright ugly symptoms of aging. Expertly built above ground pool decks can turn your unattractive and sometimes unsafe swimming pool into a gorgeous family gathering spot you can be proud of.

Safety First

Since we mentioned it, let’s talk about safety. Even when an above ground pool is brand-new, the fact that you have to climb up a ladder to get in means there is a possibility for injuries. Especially for younger children. These are compounded by the usually unstable and cheaply built ladders that accompany your pool purchase. But a professional deck builder knows exactly how to construct a pool surround that stresses safety, as well as enjoyability.