Material Hardwood Ipe

Where Can You Purchase Ipe Wood in Dallas?


Ipe wood is a tropical hardwood sourced primarily from Brazil and Bolivia, but its range extends from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. It does not come from a single species of tree. Instead, it consists of over 30 species that make up the Handroanthus genus.

Ipe wood planks make an excellent decking material. It is highly resistant to rot and insects. It holds up well against weathering, and it has the same fire rating as concrete. A properly-installed, well-maintained ipe deck can last for 50 years or longer.

If you would like to learn more about the material, you can read our definitive guide to ipe.

Where to buy ipe wood in Dallas?

As a deck installer, we do not maintain a stock of ipe. However, we maintain a great relationship with the best local source.

Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company
2425 Burbank St
Dallas, TX 75235


Phone: (214) 357-7317



We recommend you ask for Garrett, and tell him Dallas Deck Craft sent you.

You can also purchase ipe through Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement, but they do not maintain local stock and will have to special order it.

Need an ipe installer? Request a quote!

It is important to hire the right deck installer when installing ipe. An inexperienced installer can cost your more time and money. We, at Dallas Deck Craft, have been building ipe decks for years, and we know the ins and outs of working with ipe.

If you need an installer, request a quote from us today!

    Deck Pool Treated Above Ground Wrap Around

    Hidden Benefits of Above Ground Pool Decks Built By a Pro

    Turn Your Unsafe Backyard Eyesore into a Premium Outdoor Living Experience

    If you have an above ground pool, you probably have at some point in time thought about above ground pool decks. You wondered what one would cost, maybe even playing around with the idea of building one yourself. But have you ever thought about the many benefits that you enjoy when you have a professional deck builder handle the job for you?

    Let’s take a look.

    You Save Money

    Sure, you can probably build your own above ground pool deck if you have some above average carpentry skills. But what happens if you make a mistake, and someone gets injured because of it. That lawsuit could wipe you out if you don’t have homeowner’s insurance. And even if you are covered, you will never forget that you got a friend or family member hurt, maybe in a bad way.

    You also save money by looking at the real cost of an outdoor decking project.

    Consider what your free time is worth.

    Do you really want to spend it banging nails, driving screws, sawing wood and breaking your back? And what about choosing materials? There is another area where you might waste money, since you do not have any experience with a job like this.

    Above Ground Pool Decks Built by a Pro Look Really Great

    A deck around your above ground pool is more than just a pool surround. It can be a spot for cookouts. A great place to work on your tan. A relaxing refuge from your busy daily life every evening. An outdoor deck you can use for something other than swimming, making it a year-round part of your life. The versatility that a professional deck builder lends to your backyard living experience means your pool goes from being an unattractive swimming hole to your family’s favorite free time destination.

    Yes, We Called Your Above Ground Pool Ugly

    You have to admit, above ground pools are not the most beautiful man-made creations. And after yours is a few years old, it may be showing signs of wear like rust, peeling and other downright ugly symptoms of aging. Expertly built above ground pool decks can turn your unattractive and sometimes unsafe swimming pool into a gorgeous family gathering spot you can be proud of.

    Safety First

    Since we mentioned it, let’s talk about safety. Even when an above ground pool is brand-new, the fact that you have to climb up a ladder to get in means there is a possibility for injuries. Especially for younger children. These are compounded by the usually unstable and cheaply built ladders that accompany your pool purchase. But a professional deck builder knows exactly how to construct a pool surround that stresses safety, as well as enjoyability.

    Cost to Build a Deck

    What Is the “Real” Cost to Build a Deck Yourself, Versus Hiring a Seasoned Pro?


    Bob lives in Dallas County, Texas, and he has been thinking about an outdoor deck for years. Maybe a gazebo or pergola, possibly even an above ground pool deck. But he did some research on the cost to build a deck, and he did not like what he found.

    So he is aggravated. He saw somewhere online, he cannot remember where, that for a seasoned professional to build any type of outdoor pressure-treated wood deck he was going to be looking at about $10 per square foot or more not to even include any options.

    If he wanted a professional deck builder to use something like Redwood or composite decking, his cost to build a deck shot up to at least $20 per square foot and this didn’t include handrails, benches or steps. Bob’s no mathematician, but he could see things getting expensive really quickly.

    The heck with this, Bob thinks, I’ll build one myself!

    And so he does.

    DIY Deck Building 101 – A Lot to Consider

    He goes online to get some decking plans, and has to buy from 3 different companies until he gets his hands on some that are complete, and cover everything. Then he hops in his SUV and heads to the home improvement store.

    Bob spends 8 hours on his off day from work, driving back and forth from his home to 2 different stores that are miles apart, just to get everything he needs. Fighting traffic, choking down a fast food lunch, and arguing with store employees who don’t seem to know what they are talking about. Have you checked the cost of tools lately needed to construct a deck?

    It’s a beautiful Texas day outside, but Bob has to run around all day when he would usually be relaxing at home or enjoying some time with his grand-kids.

    “This sure is beginning to feel like work,” Bob says to himself.

    He organizes everything that Saturday evening, as darkness starts to fall, for an early start Sunday morning. He is excited to get to work tomorrow so he can actually see some progress.

    The “Real” Cost to Build a Deck

    Sunday morning comes, and Bob gets started. 12 hours later, in the failing light, he assesses his situation. He has had to pull out splinters from his hands, and the drill he purchased to drive the screws he is using was recommended by the deck plans he purchased, but it just isn’t strong enough.

    His back is aching from toting lumber all day, and he calculates that, at this rate, he should be finished in about 10 more weeks. That seems like an eternity, and by then, summer will be over. He also doesn’t look forward to spending every off day working on a project instead of relaxing.

    His job is hard and the hours are long, and he sure enjoys taking it easy on the weekends. That is not going to happen anymore if this deck is ever going to be finished.

    He starts to calculate his “real” cost to build a deck. Wasted off time, situations arising where he doesn’t know what he is doing, a bad back, no warranty or guarantee for the work after it is completed, and what if he does something wrong and one of his grand-kids gets hurt because of his incompetence?

    After cleaning up, Bob tells his pride to go take a hike, and he calls that Dallas deck builder he has heard good things about. The one that built his neighbor’s deck. The deck his neighbor and friends enjoyed a relaxing evening on just next door … while they good-naturedly ribbed Bob and offered comical advice while he was slaving away in the summer heat.

    Sound familiar? Well, I hope it doesn’t. Before this happens to you, can I give you a piece of good advice?

    Get the Cost to Build a Deck From a Pro – No Obligation, with Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The cost to build a deck is not just some “per square foot” number you find online or get from a material calculator. There is a lot more involved. So don’t waste your time, money and energy, not to mention free time. Give us a call today. We will reward your intelligent choice with a no-obligation quote for a deck, patio cover or screened-in project.

    And we’ll even throw in 35 years of deck building experience in Collin, Dallas and Rockwell counties absolutely free.

    The problem is, we can’t be everywhere at once, and to be totally honest with you, we are in pretty high demand. That’s because we create the deck experience you want, just like it was going up in our own backyard.

    We’ll figure the cost to build your deck, pergola, screened-in porch or gazebo and we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The earlier you call, the earlier we can come out and meet you, and get started creating the backyard experience of your dreams. You relax, you’ve earned that right. We’ll do all the work, with a guarantee.

    Screened Porch

    Do You Have a Screened in Porch? Here’s Why You Should


    The Story of Bob and Tim, And How a Moderately Sized Screened in Porch Beat the Biggest Deck in Texas

    Tim has a screened in porch. His next-door neighbor Bob does not. But Tim is envious of Bob nonetheless. You see, Bob has the largest outdoor deck of any homeowner in Dallas, Rockwall and Collin counties. And he is always reminding him of that. Tim is by no means embarrassed about his screened in porch, but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and that’s exactly where Tim is looking right now.

    But wait a minute. What was that? Bob is swinging his hands, swatting at something, and his guests are as well. Looks like a swarm of bloodthirsty bird-sized mosquitoes has descended upon Bob’s party. Half of his guests are moving indoors, and the other half are headed for their cars, shouting hurried goodbyes over their shoulders as they hurry to get out of Dodge.

    Just like that, Bob has the largest uninhabited deck for miles around.

    Any Sized Screened In Porch Beats a Huge Open Deck Every Time Where Bugs Are Concerned

    And that is when Tim remembers exactly why he opted for a screened in porch rather than an traditional deck. With no more blood buffet next-door, Tim can see the mosquitoes headed for his screened in porch gathering. But it doesn’t matter.

    Because he and his guests are safely protected from mosquitoes, wasps, ants and other pests, rain, sleet and anything else that mother nature can throw at them. There is a cool breeze blowing, and Tim’s screened in porch allows him to enjoy that cool evening air with his friends and family, without these wonderful memories being ruined by bugs or bad weather.

    A Screened in Porch With a Complementary Deck, The Perfect Outdoor Living Experience Combo

    Tim hears his front doorbell ringing, bringing him out of his thoughts. “Honey, look who’s here,” Tim’s wife calls out to him from inside his house.

    Well, well, it’s Mister “biggest deck in the world” from next-door. “Mind if I join the party?” Bob sheepishly asks.

    “Sure thing Bob, pull up a chair,” Tim offers, as he notices several swollen mosquito bites that Bob’s scratching. Bob has been over before, but it looks like he is seeing Tim’s screened in porch for the first time, as he takes it all in.

    “I sure could have used one of these tonight,” Bob says, almost as if he is talking to himself.

    Tim offers Bob a drink, the two neighbors sit down, and the conversation quickly turns into a detailed discussion about the company that built Tim’s screened in porch.

    Tim tells Bob that he can meet the owner of the company tomorrow, since he’s coming over to give him a no obligation estimate on an above ground pool deck to complement Tim’s screened in porch.

    Bob thanks his friend, and the two men then join the rest of Tim’s friends and family in what turns out to be a fun-filled and memorable late-night gathering … minus the mosquitoes.

    deck accessories: deck stairs

    How to Interview Deck Contractors


    The 5 Revealing Questions Shady Deck Builders Don’t Want You to Ask

    Choosing between a handful of deck builders can be tricky. Heck, even if you have narrowed it down to just 2 possible candidates, you can still flip a coin and make the wrong decision. So just how do you interview prospective deck builders for your backyard project? What questions should you ask?

    The following 5 questions are mandatory when choosing from several deck builders for your outdoor living experience project. Ask these questions and follow-up where you can, and you can’t help but choose the right deck builder for your pergola, gazebo, above ground pool deck, screened in porch or backyard deck project.

    1 – Find out how long they have been in business

    I don’t know about you, but given similar job estimates, proper licensing and no other way to choose between deck builders, longevity wins. If I am looking for a way to choose between 2 nearly identical deck contractors, I am going to take the company with 35 years of experience over the individual in business for just 10 years.

    2 – Deck contractors should be insured and licensed. Is yours?

    We mentioned licensing above. And honestly, the first question you should ask your prospective deck contractors is if all their paperwork is in order. Are they licensed to do work in your area? Are they insured properly? Do the employees that will be driving to your job site have valid driver’s licenses? Do not be afraid to ask these questions. And as far as licensing and insurance are concerned, ask to see at least a copy of the paperwork yourself.

    3 – Get some local references.

    The best way to handle this is to work outward from your home’s location. First ask if the deck builders you are interviewing have built any similar projects in your neighborhood. If the answer is no, find out if there are any decks they have built within a few miles of your house. Finally, ask how many outdoor living experiences they have created in your city. Then ask them for the contact information of those customers.

    4 – A picture is worth 1,000 words, so ask to see some.

    All smart, proud and highly skilled deck builders will take pictures of their final products. Decking contractors are craftsmen, and you could even call them artists. Watch the reaction you get from deck builders when you ask them if they have any pictures to show off their work. You can see genuine pride of ownership in the eyes of a talented and skilled deck builder when he is showing off pictures of his previous creations.

    5 – Pin down a time-frame for the job.

    Listen, you understand that things happen. Your life is crazy-busy and hectic. Things sometimes arise out of the blue that you neither anticipated, or planned for. The same thing happens to deck builders with the best of intentions. But that doesn’t mean they should not be able to give you a reasonable estimate of when they will finish your job, give or take a few days.

    Deck Install Ipe

    Top 9 Reasons Why Ipe Decking Is Used at Disney World and the Atlantic City Boardwalk


    What Is Ipe Decking and Why Should You Care?

    If you have talked to a deck builder, he may have extolled the virtues of ipe wood decking. Also known as ironwood because of its nearly indestructible nature, this is a truly amazing and beautiful decking choice. But if your contractor did not mention the following 9 reasons why you should choose ipe wood decking for your next outdoor living experience project, maybe you are talking to the wrong decking guy.

    1 – Excellent Fire Rating

    Did you know that ipe (pronounced EE-pay) wood carries the same fire rating as concrete and steel?! That is right, this Central and South American wood has been given an ‘A’ fire rating. It also boasts a Janka hardness score of 3,600, meaning it is fireproof and incredibly dense.

    2 – Lasts Up To 100 Years

    Believe it or not, ipe can easily last 50 years, and even more than a century. As far as longevity is concerned, ipe wood decking is the ling of the outdoor living experience.

    3 – Compatible with Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements

    Not too many deck owners consider the safety of their materials when having a deck built. Ipe wood decking is one of the safest decking options available. Its friction co-efficiency makes it extremely slip-resistant, even when wet. It is so resistant to slipping that it over-qualifies the Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements for safety.

    4 – Ipe Wood Decking Is Chemical-Free

    This is just one way in which this incredibly versatile hardwood is friendly to mother nature. The natural, rich oils which resist fungus, mold, rot and boring insects that are found in ipe wood mean that no chemicals need to be added to make your deck beautiful and long-lasting.

    5 – Luxurious and Beautiful Looking

    This natural wood is simply beautiful. Your ipe deck immediately says “class and luxury”. Let’s face it, you are building your deck for fun and functionality, but you want it to be beautiful as well. The natural olive brown to reddish finish ages to a rich patina of silver grey when left untreated. Your gorgeous IPE deck will be unrivaled in warm, natural beauty, and will draw compliments and looks of envy from your friends and party goers for decades.

    6 – Does Not Warp or Crack

    Even in brutal Texas weather, ipe wood decking will never crack or warp. That means virtually no maintenance, and no replacement costs.

    7 – The Preferred Choice of Heavily Traveled Popular Vacation Destinations

    We mentioned above that ipe wood decking is used in the Atlantic City Boardwalk, and also at Disney World. I am pretty sure your outdoor living project will not get near the wear, tear and traffic that those 2 tourist destinations enjoy every year.

    Many California marinas also use ipe exclusively, including San Diego’s Shelter Island Marina and San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. The Coney Island Boardwalk even chose IPE as its decking material of choice. Those are some pretty good testimonials right there. (Did we mention that ipe wood was used in the building of the Panama Canal as well?)

    8 – Environmentally Beneficial

    Aside from not needing any chemical treatment, ipe wood decking is environmentally friendly in another regard. Since it lasts for decades, you may never have to replace it. That means a smaller impact on forests over time.

    And Dallas Deck Craft is proud to report that the ipe wood we use is certified by the FSC (US Forest Stewardship Council) as a responsibly harvested ‘Green Product’. This means that sustainable and renewable harvesting practices are used so that forests retain their natural value.

    9 – Low Cost-For-Life Investment

    Is ipe wood decking more expensive than some other choices? You bet it is … but only up front! This nearly indestructible wood can last 50 years easy, and even more than 100 years in some cases. That delivers what might be the lowest cost-for-life investment of any decking material.

    Deck Estimator

    Deck Estimator App vs. Expert Deck Contractor for On-Site Estimate


    I was fooling around online, and I came across this desk estimator application for a smartphone. You just download the app, punch in all of the measurements and material requirements, including how much materials cost wherever you live, and it spits out your total cost.

    And there are some deck estimator applications and calculators that automatically tell you how much material you will need after answering just a few simple questions. Isn’t that cool? As a deck builder of 35 years spent creating outdoor living experiences for my Dallas, Collin and Rockwall county neighbors, I was really impressed.

    Is a Deck Estimator Calculator Really a Smart Choice?

    But then I got to thinking. And I recounted countless situations in my mind where I noticed things that my wonderful clients did not take into account. In many situations, when I revealed what my deck building experience has taught me over the years, the homeowner was delightfully surprised by the estimate I gave him, and by the final cost of the job.

    And I am also pretty sure that no deck estimation software or application will provide a guarantee like a professional deck builder will. Also, what happens if the software just decides to “tweak” your numbers because of some computer glitch? I don’t know about you, but I have seen computers and smartphones do some pretty strange things in my life. Basically, how do you know the numbers are right? Only a professional deck builder would know if the results of a nonhuman estimate are anywhere near close to correct.

    What a Seasoned Deck Builder Provides, No Deck Estimator Software Can Match – Hands-On Experience

    Technology is great, do not get me wrong. And I have even downloaded some automated software for estimating deck costs myself. But I have also been building traditional decks, intricate pergolas, gorgeous gazebos, screened-in porches and above ground pool decks for most of my adult life. Simple jobs and incredibly extravagant works of art. I have literally “seen it all” in the deck building business.

    And I can tell you, you can take 2 identical houses with identical backyards and similar owners, and even if they want matching decks, there are going to be several differences that need to be taken into account. The benefits of having a 35 year deck building veteran that lives and works in your area coming out to your house for a hands-on estimate are plentiful, and not to be underestimated (no pun intended).

    What a Deck Estimator App or Software Is Really Good For

    Webster’s dictionary tells us that the word estimate, as a noun, is “an approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.” Approximate, not precise. And as a verb, estimate means “to roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.” Roughly, not exactly.

    That is exactly what any type of non human deck estimator is good for – arriving at a rough or approximate number for cost or amount of materials needed. And not all deck estimator applications are free, so take that into account as well.

    Deck Pool Pressure-Treated Pine

    5 Secrets of Deck Prices Most Deck Builders Don’t Want You to Know


    Important Factors to Remember When Checking Out Deck Prices

    So, you’re comparing deck prices, are you? Good for you, and congratulations. When I finally built my first deck oh so many years ago, I couldn’t have imagined all of the incredible memories and experiences it would provide my family, friends and myself. So good on ya’ neighbor, you are going to love it.

    And if you don’t mind, I would like to give you a few tips to keep in mind when you get some deck prices and estimates and are deciding which company to go with. I have been building decks for 35 years in Dallas, Collin and Rockwall counties. And I would be happy to give you the benefit of my many years of outdoor living building experience (these are important tips most deck builders simply won’t share).

    1 – There are a few smart ways to cut costs.

    When you call me and arrange for me to drop by your place and give you a no obligation quote, I am going to ask a lot of questions. When you tell me exactly what you want your deck for, I will sit down with you and reveal a few intelligent ways you can keep your costs down, without the quality and craftsmanship of your deck project suffering. Money isn’t everything. So if I can save you a few bucks and have a happy customer that refers me to his friends, we both win.

    2 – Building a deck doesn’t really take that long.

    Some contractors will string out a job forever. This is how they justify higher deck prices, continually bumping up the price for “unforeseen expenses”. In most cases, I can complete a deck job in a one to two days. There are lots of factors to take into consideration, of course, but I am a family man myself. So I know you don’t want us invading your privacy any longer than is absolutely necessary. I respect that.

    3 – Deck prices should reflect your planning ahead.

    Don’t think of your bare minimum deck project. If you tell me you want a simple 20′ x 20′ square deck, I am going to ask you to think years down the road. It is relatively easy to add on to an existing deck, so you can always call us back in the future and will be happy to help you. But your deck prices are going to be lower when we do all the work one time, as opposed to building your dream deck and outdoor living experience in 2 or 3 installments.

    4 – Big corporate deck building companies do not care about you.

    You probably know this already, but you are not much more than a statistic to most large companies. Not so with small businesses like myself. I pride myself on the fact that I personally get to know every one of my customers. I live and work in the same area that you do. We have the same family concerns, we shop at the same stores, and might even go to the same church. When I get to know your name, you will never be just a statistic to me. Most of the work I do comes from referrals, because I truly do care about you as a person and a fellow Texan.

    5 – Deck prices are not as high as you might think.

    I get the same reaction all the time. A resident of Rockwall, Dallas or Collin counties will call me and arrange for a visit to their property. I will meet the homeowner whenever is convenient for them, and provide an in-depth, no obligation quote. And you see the eyebrows go straight up, accompanied by a look of surprise at the affordable figure I deliver. I don’t have a fancy warehouse, professional salespeople and a million dollar advertising budget to pay for. So I can consistently provide really reasonable deck prices that keep wonderful clients like you happy.

    deck accessories: deck covers

    Mobile Home Decks And Porches: What You Need to Know


    Mobile home decks and porches can return nearly all of their value if you ever decide to sell. That means you benefit from all the wonderful memories you create and enjoy on your deck, and then receive most of your money back when you sell your property. You simply cannot say that about very many home remodeling projects.

    Mobile home decks and porches deliver a very high home improvement value for the money you spend

    Remodeling magazine revealed their research for the 2013-2014 year in their annual Cost vs Value Report. They showed that a wooden deck addition returned on average 87.4% of the job cost on resale. Out of all of the dozens of possible mid-range home improvement and beautifying projects at your disposal, adding a wooden deck delivered a better dollar for dollar value than any other improvement project other than replacing your entry door. And let’s face it, mobile home decks and porches can provide a lot more fun than a brand-new front door!

    Mobile home decks and porches add to your living space at low-cost

    Manufactured homes can often be cramped for space. That means that mobile home decks and porches immediately extend your living area in Rockwall, Dallas and Collin counties, with a minimal investment. Also, because of the usually smaller square footage of a trailer or mobile home as opposed to a traditional home, building a large wraparound deck is much more affordable.

    You create a safer living environment

    Do not forget about the safety issues which improve when you build an outdoor deck. Many mobile homes are built with very little time and money spent on providing access. That means that sometimes there are only 2 or 3 flimsy steps leading into the unit.

    In many cases, there are not any handrails provided. This can be very dangerous for both entering and leaving your manufactured home. For that reason, mobile home decks and porches provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you, your children and your friends can safely enter and exit your home.

    Mobile home decks and porches fill a wide variety of needs

    Sometimes when you purchase a manufactured home, your decking needs a little attention. Your existing mobile home decks and porches can be repaired, fine tuned, beefed up, added on to or taken down entirely to make way for a brand-new creation.

    And maybe, like many home mobile home owners, you have an above ground pool on your property. Creating an outdoor living experience around it can turn an unsightly, possibly unsafe and seldom used pool into a daily outdoor living experience. Mobile home decks and porches can easily be built to connect your above ground pool to your manufactured home, improving the value of your property while delivering a versatile and enjoyable wealth of relaxing and partying opportunities.

    Pressure-Treated Pine Decking

    Mobile Home Steps and Porches


    Understanding Your Mobile Home Steps And Decks Options

    Mobile home steps and decks can work hand-in-hand to increase the value and safety of your manufactured home. Whether you rent or own the property you are living in, you know that mobile homes do not always have the safest entrances. In many cases, 2 or 3 wobbly steps is all which is provided to get you in and out of your home.

    Professionally Made Mobile Home Steps Promote Safety

    If you have children or elderly family members and friends, this probably concerns you. But the idea of spending a ton of money on a few steps concerns you as well. Fortunately, when you deal with the right company, a small job like building a set of mobile home steps can be completed quickly and rather inexpensively.

    That is why you may consider having a professional build a set of safe and sturdy mobile home steps. And decks which move you in and out of your manufactured home are even safer than a simple series of steps. If you need handicapped access provided, an inclined ramp made of sturdy decking material might be the way to go.

    Not to mention the fact that a deck, whether attached to or separate from your living area, can deliver multiple outdoor living and entertaining options. Think about it. When you get a decking contractor quote you on building a set of mobile home steps, what will it hurt to ask how much a deck would cost you? You are under no obligation, and your total investment might be more attractive than you can imagine.

    Mobile Home Steps And Decks Offer a World of Options

    When building mobile home steps, you have a lot more choice than you may realize. You can simply have a decking contractor use a couple of open or closed deck stringers and some 2″ x 6″ deck boards to create a sturdy and efficient set of steps.

    You can also customize those steps by adding railings, providing a boost in safety. This entry/exit can also be covered over to provide a little weather protection. Add some screen and you have the makings of a small mobile home porch.

    Financially, the difference between a nice set of steps, cover and railings, and a full-fledged deck, is actually not that far off. And when you marry mobile home steps and decks, you create not only a safe and sturdy area for entering and exiting your manufactured home, but also a larger living space and multiple entertainment options.

    Call Today for Your Free Mobile Home Steps And Decks Quote

    When you call Dallas Deck Craft today, 3 things happen.

    1 – You receive a free, no obligation quote based on our 35 years of experience creating outdoor living habitats.

    2 – We meet with you as quickly as possible, at a time which is convenient for you.

    3 – We guarantee your satisfaction.